Your customers judge your company on quality of interaction.  Maximize your customer impact!

Why let us record and maintain your Voice Mail Greetings, Automated Attendant Scripts and IVR Queue Prompts? 

Simple—We can do it better, faster and at lower cost to your company. has the resources and voice talent you want in order create positive interaction between your company and your customers. 

I already have a script for my Voice Mail, Automated Attendant and/or IVR Prompts.  Can you record my script?

Absolutely!  Our voice professionals can certainly utilize your existing script.  If you find that it just doesn’t sit right or work  well for you, our professionals will work with your staff in order to tweak it or create a completely customized new one.  Alternately, you can choose a package from our pre-recorded selections.

Can I choose who records my script and in what language?

Yes, to a degree.  You may select your wish for male or female voice.  Currently, we support both English and Spanish language options.  More language options will be available in the future. 

How are my recordings delivered?

Your recordings will be provided to you via download using either HTTP or FTP.  You may access your library of recordings at any time via the web site.  Shipping of physical media is also an option.  Just pay shipping and handling.

Great! Let’s do it.  Where do we start?

Click here to go to our Products and Services Page or click on the link above.  You will be guided through the process.

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